Voter ID's Closer To Being Required Again

Voter ID’s Closer To Being Required Again

An Update From Senator Bob Steinburg

We just won another victory in court defending the requirement for photo voter ID that you added to your Constitution.

Here’s what’s happening: After a majority of voters added a photo voter ID requirement to the NC Constitution, one federal judge blocked voter ID for the 2020 election. The lawyer “defending” voter ID in that case was North Carolina’s Attorney General, Josh Stein, who opposes voter ID and barely lifted a finger to defend the law. (We’ve been asking the court for months to let the legislature defend the law ourselves, instead of relying on Josh Stein.)

A few months ago, that one judge’s opinion was overturned after the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals found she committed “fundamental legal errors.” The far-left organizations suing us then asked the full 4th Circuit appeals court to review it AGAIN (this is called an “en banc hearing”) and the court just said “no,” which is a good sign.

So what’s next? The federal court’s block on voter ID is no longer in place, but there’s still a block at the state court level. We expect a full trial in both state and federal courts in the Spring.

I’ll keep you providing with updates. I’m fighting non-stop to ensure your decision to amend your Constitution to require voter ID isn’t blocked by far-left judges.


Bob Steinburg, North Carolina Senator