On April 21st, 2021 Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Deputies shot and killed Andrew Brown Jr who attempted to flee through the surrounding officers during a drug-related arrest warrant at risk to their safety.  The subsequent decisions made by the Elizabeth City Police Chief, the Elizabeth City Manager, and the City Council and Mayor (all Democrats) brought about a period of protesting, emergency overspending, blocked streets and lost patronage for downtown businesses.

On May 11th, 2021 a group of concerned Conservatives met at Towne South Church to discuss the events.  On May 12th, 2021 Christina Williams began filing paperwork to form Pasquotank PAC to formalize this group with the priority of supporting Sheriff Tommy Wooten and finding Conservative candidates to run for City Council in the upcoming election.

More on the formation of the Pasquotank PAC:  Daily Advance Article: New PAC Aims To Elect Conservatives



Former Pasquotank Leaders

Pete Gilbert

Through June 2020

Pete Gilbert served as Chairman through June 2020.
RIP [Obituary]

Bill Blevins

Prior To Pete Gilbert

Bill Blevins served as Chairman prior to Pete Gilbert.

Frankie Meads

Prior To Bill Blevins

Frankie Meads served as Chairman prior to Bill Blevins. He also served as a Pasquotank County Commissioner for the Southern Outside District.
RIP [Obituary}

Oldest Party Members

Our Senior Legacy Members

Carl Pickell has been an active party member since the early 1960's and currently serves on our local county executive board. He also previously served on the state's executive board.


Pete Lacy


Josh Tunnell


A.B. Houtz is one of the oldest Republicans in the area that contributed to the party's success.

Back In The 1980's

Success Drivers During The Reagan Era

Barry McCarty


Dr. Powell