Voter ID Requirement Bill Fails

Voter ID Requirement Bill Fails


I had the incredible opportunity to testify to Congress about an issue that I am extremely passionate about- Voter ID.


In North Carolina, 55% of voters said they were in favor of it, but activists judges stopped it from becoming law. They said they same thing the Democrats in Congress said when I testified- That Black Americans need to be protected from a free ID to Vote. 

The notion is not only insane, it’s insulting, and I told them plainly.

You see, the left doesn’t know what to do with me. They are absolutely terrified of a black conservative that will speak the truth and refuses to back down.

It is time for us as conservatives to speak up. For far too long liberals and the media have lied to the black community and used them as political pawns.

I’m sick of it.

I will not quit, and I will not stop speaking the truth. I hope you do the same.


Mark Robinson
Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina