Ron Payne Calls National News Talk Show

Ron Payne Calls National News Talk Show

With guest host Todd Herman guiding The Rush Limbaugh Show this week on radio stations across the United States and on The Rush Limbaugh Show online podcast, local Elizabeth City resident Ron Payne called into the show to comment. The host was talking about Kamala Harris pretending to have the border under control when it is clear they have lost control of the border and was discussing the worsening problems with illegal immigration and the flipping of society in regards to migrant children being taught while American children are not in school because of the pandemic.

A former 2020 candidate for School Board for Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public Schools (ECPPS), Ron Payne is also the former principal at Northeastern High School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. During his brief phone call, he mentioned that he did not see Republicans complaining every day about everything going on with the Biden administration especially in regards to the border the way that Democrats did about Trump for the four years he was in office.

Payne went on to comment about kids being brought in and being taught as migrant students but us not teaching our own kids. San Diego public school teachers are giving in-person instruction to immigrant children before their own students. Children of taxpayers in San Diego don’t go to public schools due to Covid, but nearby migrant students are being taught. As a former school administrator Ron Payne said he finds it appalling to not see the Republican leaders in Congress making as much noise as the Democrats did.

The guest host Todd Herman followed up that Republicans do not understand how to fight and they (unfortunately) did not learn this from President Trump the way that Ted Cruz did and to a degree Rand Paul, Tom Cotton and Ron DeSantis did. “They’re afraid, they’re terrified to take these social issues on”, Herman said. “They have trouble pointing out that’s it’s not compassion to sink the world’s life boat. We cannot continue to take in the world’s population if the life boat sinks.”

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