Pasquotank BOE Update On 2021 Municipal Election

Pasquotank BOE Update On 2021 Municipal Election

Written by Christina Williams


At a public meeting at the Pasquotank Board of Elections office Tuesday April 6th, 2021 director Emma Tate gave an update on the upcoming municipal election for 2021.

All eight City Council seats and the Mayor seat are up for election this October unless a move by the state government to push the election back to 2022 is successful. They want to wait until census data comes back to redistrict prior to the election.

Tate indicated a delay in processing and releasing of the federal data. She cited North Carolina law 160A-23.1 which outlines special rules for redistricting for after a federal decennial census. She indicated that maybe the city can still have the municipal election if local Elizabeth City City Council officials decide to go ahead and hold the election whether the state waits until 2022 or not.  She could not find any specific documentation giving the state board authority to determine the municipal election. The legal code she mentioned can be read here NC Legal Statute 160A-23.1

If no changes are successful, candidates will have from July 26th until August 13th at noon to file and the election will take place October 5th, 2021.

Republican board member Larry Cooke made a motion to mail the Mayor and City Council to say that the Pasquotank Board of Elections is prepared to follow their decision since there does seem to be some autonomy here. He said that he does not think the census will affect Pasquotank County much when it comes back.

Republican board member Lynn Childs seconded the motion by Cooke.  Childs said she thought sending the letter to the City Council as Cooke suggested was a good idea because it would be a good reassurance for them.

As part of the finalized discussion the board decided to tell the City Council they have until three days before the July 26th filing date to let the board know if they want to proceed with the election.

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