Mark Robinson Opposes Social Studies Changes

Mark Robinson Opposes Social Studies Changes


NBC Affiliate WRAL Smears NC Black Lt. Governor As KKK Member Then Refuses To Apologize

February 5, 2021
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC – Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson led the fight against the progressive activist to push new curriculum standards that Robinson has blasted as “Un-American.” Rather than engage in substantive debate, WRAL published a vile smear labeling the GOP Board members, including North Carolina’s first black Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson and Lumbee Indian Oliva Oxendine, as members of the Ku Klux Klan. Naturally, Robinson objected to WRAL’s vile smear and breach of basic civility and held a press conference to denounce their vile publication. At the next NC Board of Education meeting, the Democrat Chairman of the State Board of Education Eric Davis also denounced WRAL’s hideous publication.

WRAL’s opinion section’s firm commitment to smearing Republicans is not surprising. What is surprising is NBC Affiliate WRAL’s failure to apologize for crossing the line of civil discourse. Even more disturbing, WRAL linked to the State Board of Education meeting that inspired the publication and it appears that WRAL Seth Effron could not be bothered to watch the meeting before greenlighting reprehensible smears. If they watched the full meeting which they linked to, it would be plainly obvious that the Republican board members believe in teaching all of American history but have substantive, specific policy objections to these particular standards.

This is why the Democrat Chairman of the State Board also condemned WRAL’s repugnant publication saying, “We acknowledge and respect the right of free speech under our federal and state constitutions, however, the members of the State Board of Education wish to express our dismay about extreme disagreement and the depiction in a recently published cartoon of some of our members being associated with the KKK. This information is absolutely inaccurate and unfair to the individuals involved.”

“At a time when a record number of 56% of Americans think that ‘journalist and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people,’ it is patently irresponsible for WRAL to publish vile smears in order to generate clicks,” said NCGOP Communications Director Tim Wigginton. “Given that NBC Affiliate WRAL appears to only care about appeasing their Democrat mega-donor owner, it will be interesting to watch if other media outlets will call out WRAL’s vile publication to protect the integrity of their industry and regain the trust of the public.”

Source: NC GOP News


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