Supreme Court Packing

Supreme Court Packing

This week, a group of House Democrats, led by Rep. Jerry Nadler and Sen. Ed Markey, introduced a bill to expand the Supreme Court from 9 justices to 13. This is a blatant attempt to ensure Democrats stay in power and their extreme policies pass without a fight. They care more about staying in power and remaking America in their own image than they do about our system of self-government which has led to American greatness.

The Heritage Foundation has laid out how this action would damage our branches of government and how it would devastate our republic.

This court packing plan comes after their persistent attempt to get rid of the filibuster, defund the police, abolish the electoral college, open our borders, and pass a massive federal bill to rig the elections in their favor.

It couldn’t be more clear—it is a scorched-Earth campaign to force socialist policies on Americans.

Why is the Left doing this?

The Left wants to rig our institutions in their favor because a majority of Americans don’t agree with their policies.

In the battlefield of ideas, they will lose if it’s a fair fight. Our latest polling on the Biden border crisis shows this.

Democrats and the mainstream media would like conservatives to believe they are in the minority. It’s easier to silence us, attacking us as “racists” if we dare to speak up.

But there’s nothing racist about policies like Voter ID. And the majority of Americans do not want illegal immigrants voting in our elections.

Throughout 2020, Biden denied that he was going to put forward radical policies. Biden promised to govern from the center. More and more of your fellow Americans are beginning to wake up to that lie.

Be proud of what we are accomplishing together. Stand tall and then more will join and stand with us.

Jessica Anderson and the Heritage Action team


Posted by Christina Williams, Pasquotank County Heritage Action Sentinel