Stop Saying Black Lives Matter If You Love God

Stop Saying Black Lives Matter If You Love God

Written by Christina Williams

Voting for the Black Lives Matter mural contest is underway in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  In their May 24th, 2021 regular session meeting the City Council approved a directive to allow a Black Lives Matter mural to be painted along the street outside of the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s office.  That sentiment does not reflect the beliefs of Elizabeth City citizens as a whole.

The Black Lives Matter organization promotes an evil ideology and an extremist radical anti-Christian agenda that threatens the nuclear family and Christian way of life.  One of BLM’s stated goals is to disrupt the family structure prescribed by God.

Another is to affirm homosexuality and normalize the queer way of life.

They also fight for rights for undocumented immigrants.

The Black Lives Matter organization seeks to usher in a utopia, through revolution, unhinged from biblical morality.  In their promotional materials they offer only ideas that go against Christianity.

While black people’s lives do matter, as do everyone else’s, the organization Black Lives Matter is pushing their leftist agenda in communities by taking advantage of hurt people during vulnerable times.  They are tricking religious leaders into pushing an anti-religious agenda through fear and intimidation.  

The most hypocritical thing you can do is go to church this Sunday and say you love God and then wear a Black Lives Matter shirt.  If you believe in God and you think you are doing right by supporting Black Lives Matter I urge you to do your own homework and read about the goals of the organization and ask yourself why you are allowing yourself to be tricked because of racism.

Black Lives Matter is not the solution for racism, it is a trap for the oppressed looking for an outlet.  If you fall for it, you are supporting the downfall of a Christian American way of life and you are promoting a dangerous division between your friends and neighbors.

And in Elizabeth City, you are destroying many black-owned downtown businesses and causing taxes to be raised for people who cannot afford it.

While the Black Lives Matter mural contest is underway and I am morally opposed to it, I also enjoy the creative spirit and talent a project like this can exhibit so I did look objectively at the designs posted on the Elizabeth City website.  However, artistically I just don’t think any of the designs are eye pleasing enough for our streets so artistically I am also opposed to the painting of our streets.

Elizabeth City BLM Mural Contest Entry Link

It is a terrible idea to paint this evil mural, to waste the city taxpayer’s money, to destroy downtown businesses by closing roads and issuing food truck permits that will take away restaurant business.  Be assured that just as soon as that paint dries and the next election comes around the City Council will have finally broken the last straw that kept Republicans from being involved in city politics and the Democrat City Council members will be voted out of office.  

Congratulations City Council, you finally made us pay attention to what you’re doing. The good Christians in Pasquotank County will not stand for an evil anti-Christian mural to adorn our streets and it will wind up being paved over faster than it was created.

Think twice before calling yourselves pastors and preachers while you support the Black Lives Matter organization in the streets of Elizabeth City.  God doesn’t like being lied to.

Disclaimer: The statements posted here do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Pasquotank PAC or all Republicans in Pasquotank County.