Board Of Elections Honors Outgoing Members

Pasquotank BOE Honors Outgoing Members

Written By Christina Williams

On Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 the Pasquotank County Board of Elections gave recognition awards to each of the five outgoing board members. Republican members Lynn Childs and Larry Cooke are two of three names that were turned into the state to be considered for the next term, along with former board member Bonnie Godfrey. The NCSBE will hold its meeting on June 29th to announce each county’s new board members.

The Pasquotank County Manager’s office and the Pasquotank Board of Elections Director negotiated an increase of $2 for poll workers for the upcoming elections with the new hourly pay becoming $10.50 an hour.

Also discussed at the meeting was Senate Bill 722 which seeks to postpone the municipal election until the March primary. The bill contains some language that still leaves the ultimate decision up to our City Council here in Pasquotank County. The deadline to decide is three days prior to the July 26th filing date at the latest as to whether the election will proceed on October 8th.

The next Pasquotank County Board of Elections meeting is July 20th at 9am at the Parkview Drive location on the Red Cross side. By that meeting we will know both about the election and the new board members.