Nightfall In Pasquotank Day Three Of Protests

Nightfall In Pasquotank Day Three Of Protests

Written by Christina Williams

As night fell upon the streets of Elizabeth City in Pasquotank County a group stopped in front of the mall on Ehringhaus Street.  Police blocked off most of Ehringhaus for several hours while protesters blocked the intersection there to listen to BLM organizers speak.

The BLM organizers told people that they elect the City Council members who hire the police here.  They told people to get rid of the white Republicans in office here.  These organizers from out of town do not seem to realize that our City Council is predominantly black and Democrat and has been that way a long time here in Pasquotank.  In fact there is not a single Republican on the City Council here.  Republicans have no control over any City Council or School Board matters within Elizabeth City.  Every single seat on both governing boards is held by a Democrat.

The organizer told people to elect a new Sheriff and not to support current District Attorney Andrew Womble for his bid to run for District Judge in 2022.  They told people that Republicans are controlling the whole area and that its up to them to take the power back.

If the municipal election moves forward in October there is literally no power to take back that is not already in Democrat controlled hands that will even be up for election this October.  For the out of town organizers to even say that power needs to be taken back this coming election is showing of the narrative they push in all communities they enter without even having their facts straight.

A speaker for the group said “its going down at 5pm tomorrow” in Elizabeth City.  He reported Al Sharpton coming to town.  Mayor Bettie Parker is supposed to speak at 11am.

Photos and videos are available here from Friday nights protest.