Robinson Speech Urges Republicans To Rise

Mark Robinson Speech Urges Republicans To Rise

An update from Mark Robinson:

Last weekend I gave a speech challenging those in the Republican Party to remember who they are and rise to meet the challenges that our nation face today. 

Today we see the party of Joe Biden and the liberal Democrats who don’t just want to win, they want to destroy us and our country in the process.

  • Open Borders
  • Abortion
  • Government Handouts
  • Cancel Culture
  • Packing the Courts

These are the things we are fighting against. And it’s not just them. The FAKE NEWS MEDIA has been right there by their side all along. Peddling lies perpetuated by the Biden Administration, hiding the facts from the American people, and covering for Democrats whenever they are asked. IT’S DESPICABLE.

Even I have been the target of the liberal media. They called me, THE FIRST BLACK LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF MY STATE a KKK member! 

We cannot sit idly by. 

I have been standing strong, fighting for conservative values. I have fought for the lives of the unborn, stood against the fake media, and pushed back against cancel culture. 

But it’s going to take more than a few elected officials standing up, it’s going to take an ARMY OF PATRIOTS. 

Mark Robinson
Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina