Health Director Update On Covid In Pasquotank

Health Director Update On Covid In Pasquotank

At a joint meeting of the Pasquotank County Commissioners and the Elizabeth City City Council on the evening of March 20th, 2021 held at the College of the Albemarle, Albemarle Regional Health Services Director Battle Betts gave an update on the Covid-19 situation in Pasquotank County. 

He credited a partnership with the National Guard for helping them to ensure that vaccines are distributed in a very efficient manner.  He said ECSU gave them the use of ultra cool storage to even be able to accept Pfizer vaccines.  His team used GIS mapping from Meals on Wheels to go around and take hot meals and vaccines to homebound citizens and those in the most vulnerable situations. 

Betts went on to say they are currently serving everyone 18 and over in all 8 surrounding counties who are seeking vaccination.  He talked about Pasquotank County being in the top 5 of the counties in North Carolina in leading in vaccine distribution.  He praised the work of the COA nursing students who are getting experience in administering the vaccinations. 

The latest update as of Friday was that there were 97 cases of Covid in the region he said, with 25 active Covid-19 cases in Pasquotank and 6 in Camden. He said those were very low numbers and that there were vastly higher numbers of other communicable diseases in our community. 

Betts said that hopefully in the new normal we retain the emphasis on hand sanitization and good hygiene and staying away from each other and maintain an awareness of being prepared for the next emergency to come.  He said he also thinks they will be dealing with the effects of Covid-19 causing people to delay medical visits for routine checkups or treatment for a long time.  

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