Frankie Meads Sr

Passing Of Frankie Meads Sr

The Pasquotank Republican Party lost a former chairman and senior party member Frankie Meads Sr on January 13th 2021. Frankie was currently serving Pasquotank as a County Commissioner for the Southern Outside District.

“It is with great sadness that I report the loss of Commissioner Frankie Meads.  Frankie and his sense of humor will be greatly missed. You knew how Frankie would vote when he walked into the booth. He would want us to continue the good fight and stand against the socialist party.”  – George Hague – Chairman Pasquotank Republican Party

“One of the best friends Pasquotank County taxpayers ever had has died.” – Paul Nielson, Staff Writer for the Daily Advance [Source: Remembering Frankie Meads]