Election Integrity Training

Election Integrity Training


We have officially made it to the National Week of Training. There are many planned training sessions that will be extremely beneficial moving forward. While there is still a lot to be decided by the Supreme Court, it is important we make sure we are ready for whatever they decide. 

This training will cover the roles and responsibilities of poll workers, poll observers, and poll greeters. It will explain how these roles have been used in the past and how they will be utilized moving forward. More importantly, the training will explain how the entire Election Integrity system will work together from the bottom to the top. The Legal War Room is ultimately ineffective without the help of our volunteers on the ground. Please join us to learn about all the opportunities that will be present as we approach the 2022 Primary election. 

These training sessions will instruct on the different rolls on Early Voting and Election Day. The more people that are trained, the better equipped we will be to protect the integrity of the upcoming election. The sessions will be conducted by David Warren, NC Election Integrity Director with the RNC. We hope you can sign on to at least one of these sessions. 

The training sessions are:

  • Friday January 28th @ 1 P.M. @ 7 P.M.     
  • Sunday January 30th @ 4 P.M.  @ 6 P.M.
  • Monday January 31th  @  1 P.M.  @ 6 P.M.
  • Tuesday February 1st @ 1 P.M. @ 6 P.M.
  • Wednesday February 2nd @1 P.M. @ 6 P.M.
  • Thursday February 3rd  @ 1 P.M. @ 6 P.M.

Please sign up here using this link: