Day Two Of Protests In Pasquotank

Day Two Of Pasquotank Protests

Written By Christina Williams

Photos and video footage from day two of protesting in Elizabeth City, NC over the officer-involved shooting death of Andrew Brown are posted below.

At a press conference this afternoon the Brown family, their lawyers, NAACP leader Rivers, and City Councilman Horton addressed the nation.  A threat was made that if the Sheriff did not turn over the body cam footage that protesters were going to block the Camden Causeway bridge at 5pm.

Around 4pm there was no sign of any protesters around the bridge.  A small group had started to gather in front of the Gardner Municipal Building on Colonial Street.  That was the scene of last night’s protest.  There seemed to be confusion among the protesters of where they were supposed to be meeting and what they were supposed to be doing.

At 5pm there were no protesters by the bridge.  Instead the small group had amassed a few more followers, including participants from a BLM bus that came in from Georgia.  At 5:30pm the group marched down Elizabeth Street and over towards the scene of the shooting and then back to Ehringhaus.

The protesters led the officers who came from all around the district to assist with security almost four hours once the movement around the city had begun.  The group split off into several smaller groups and went around up and down Ehringhaus.  Their message was largely lost because cars were not allowed onto Ehringhaus during the protest so not many even really got to hear what was being said or see the people marching.  No one except area law enforcement that nearly matched the protesters in numbers.  Protesters dwindled down around 9pm with area officers still spread out around the community for added security.

Earlier in the day Sheriff Tommy Wooten and Chief Deputy Daniel Fogg released a video that explained why the body cam footage could not be released.  District Attorney Andrew Womble also released a statement saying that body cam footage is not public record in North Carolina and must be released by court order.

Members of the media, such as those from WVEC 13 are incorrectly claiming in their reports that our Sheriff did not address the public today and remained silent.  Evidence that he did address everyone is all over the internet.  The Sheriff addressed us by video message and proceeded to shift his focus to leading the officers from out of the area who came in to offer support.  They were busy ensuring that streets were closed off ahead of the people marching in the streets to prevent anyone being hurt and prevent traffic backups in the city.

Sheriff Wooten has addressed this community twice now since the shooting and has answered many questions.  His answers are not what people are willing to hear and understand right now.  Our Pasquotank Sheriff is not hiding or avoiding anything.  He is following proper procedure.  He is out on the streets leading the officers here.

Follow the latest of what he is posting on the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page.