CRT Is About Creating A Gender Neutral Society Not Race

CRT Is About Creating A Gender Neutral Society Not Race

Written by Christina Williams

I had the pleasure of attending an event put on by the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association Tuesday which featured a presentation on Critical Race Theory. During the presentation which included school board members, administrators, and teachers from all over the state, the speaker Sloan Rachmuth from Education First Alliance NC explained more about the sinister side of CRT being forced into our schools.

She showed invasive surveys being given to students by the NC DPI (Department of Public Instruction) in Mecklenburg, Charlotte and Wake counties right here in North Carolina asking students about their gender orientation and asking if they would be interested in receiving hormone therapy treatment from the school nurse without their parent’s permission.  These surveys are being directly sent to the students’ new electronic devices that were purchased during Covid by the state to allow at-home learning.  The surveys are sent to the students without the knowledge of parents, teachers, principals, school board or even school administrators.  This comes directly from the state.

Hormone treatment in schools without parent’s permission is already being done in California and these survey answers from NC are being compiled and studied by Stanton University.  The NC DPI is literally using our NC 5th, 6th, and 7th graders as lab rats in a study about the socio-political culture of a gender neutral society.  Hormone injections have a high suicide rate as a known side effect and schools are actively trying to take away parent’s rights to even know that their kids are taking them.  

In addition to surveys, students are being asked to sign a pledge or affirmation which stereotypes them as privileged.  The NC DPI website says a top priority for them is to study equity and act upon it, meaning they are very focused on utilizing these surveys as a means to insert policy into public schools that support CRT.

The presenter suggested that counties should set up a tip line for students to call if they feel they are having CRT ideas and application encouraging them to hold bias or discrimination.  From the tips investigative journalists could expose in each county what is happening.  The most dangerous aspect of CRT is that it has been marketed as a racial issue so that white people will feel racist to oppose it so they stay silent.  That silence will destroy the next generation and the future of our county. 

Education is not about academics any longer.  Because black and brown kids scores are lower and white kids scores are higher there is a movement within CRT to dumb down the academics being taught for everyone to create a balance.  They want 50% less academics to be taught and 50% more things that black and brown kids can understand like cultural issues.  The very idea that you have to dumb down education because you don’t believe black and brown children have the capacity if they apply themselves is profoundly racist and the parents of black and brown children should be more outraged about this than anyone.

The speaker went on to say that the UK and France have outlawed CRT because they found that students do not learn and its policy created violence and disunity.  She also said that within the Mao Revolution teachers were punished for unequal outcomes and that is what this CRT is heading towards.

Teachers right here in North Carolina are being retrained how to teach (and control) students.  They are being told to teach students who they can associate with as friends.  Students are not supposed to associate with people who are like them, but rather encouraged to seek out others different from them.  This idea by itself is simple and innocent sounding enough, but the larger picture is that the schools are actively telling our children who they can even be friends with and that is about control.  They are calling this teacher’s training “Culturally Responsive Training”.  They are saying that CRT empowers students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically.  The teacher’s new goals under a CRT curriculum would include academic achievement, cultural competence, and socio-political consciousness.

In the Matrix of Oppression being given to teachers as part of their new training they are being told to teach students that if they feel they have any goals, or dreams, or ambitions in life to take on leadership roles to acknowledge their privilege and step back and let someone more disenfranchised take on that role.  Under this new system of education students will no longer be encouraged to be all they can be.

A lawyer in Pitt County has initiated a lawsuit against the NC DPI claiming that the CRT policies being implemented in our schools are in violation of FERPA laws [].  These laws grant parents specific rights to know what is going on with their children in school.  The attempts being made by the state of North Carolina to circumvent these laws under CRT policy are in direct conflict with these federal laws.

In the Senate, HB 324 would seek to re-cite the 1964 Civil Rights act to stop Critical Race Theory from being implemented in our schools.  The bill is currently stalled in the rules committee and needs Senate support to be pushed through.

The direction of our North Carolina schools future is disturbing to parents because it seeks to remove their involvement in their children’s education and take away their parental rights to be able to give permission before their child is brainwashed by these dangerous ideas.

I do not believe that 5th, 6th, and 7th graders have the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves that will affect them for the rest of their lives.  It’s a dangerous precedence to set to allow such young minds to make such life transforming decisions.  Imagine if children can be enabled to make such extraordinary choices in life, what comes next?  Do we allow children to do just about anything else they want if they should choose to?  Why have age limits at all on tobacco and alcohol products if society believes children are capable of making responsible decisions on their own?  Why have ratings on movies that disallow children in movie theaters?  They can be allowed to take harmful medications to change their gender but not allowed to see nudity on a movie screen?

The bottom line is CRT is not about race.  This is connected to a bigger effort to destroy our country and we have to make sure everyone knows exactly what it is and speaks up against it.

The very idea that the NC DPI used Covid as a catalyst to put electronic devices in the hands of our children and then are using those devices to upload surveys that violate privacy rights and federal laws behind parents backs is sinister by itself.  Watch your children with these devices and ask them about the questions they are being asked.  The speaker suggested that everyone, whether they have children, or grandchildren, or even their friends’ children, should pay very close attention to the curriculum within their own schools.  Ask regularly for copies of the current curriculum from the schools around you.  

On the West Coast such radical and extremist ideas often hit before they bleed towards us here on the East Coast.  We must pay attention and speak up as it creeps our way or we cannot stop it.  The NC DPI is currently lying to school board members even when they call about CRT.  They deny that it exists within North Carolina schools.  Yet the practice is already in place in three counties here.  They start with the border counties and move inwards.  It is already being applied here and we have to stop it.  Every teacher, every parent, every school board member, everyone in the community whether they have children or not needs to understand what is at stake and step up to speak against this before it’s too late.  The time is now while it’s in the early stages, before it takes hold and damages young minds.

Meanwhile, what is our school board in Pasquotank County doing?  Getting themselves arrested in the streets with BLM protesters.  Next election, we must make sure they are voted out.  We cannot have our educators encouraging young people to get themselves arrested.  It doesn’t matter if there’s a bail fund or not.  Leading young people to think it’s OK to get an arrest record is profoundly irresponsible and shows that they have no business in leadership positions within our community.  I, for one, will be out next election reminding voters of this behavior because we cannot have board members who are BLM activists.  I am extremely disappointed in this behavior from our community leaders.  

I want to see our Pasquotank County School Board actually DO something about CRT and you should too!


Disclaimer: The statements posted here do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Pasquotank PAC or all Republicans in Pasquotank County.