Critical Race Theory Public Comments Submission

Critical Race Theory Public Comments Submission

Written By Christina Williams

The reality of the Critical Race Theory grants is that the poorest schools will accept the money because they need it. This is a profoundly unjust way to convince a nation that we are all subjects of an evil ideology that is inherently racist.  

I reject any notion of color being a factor in modern human interaction for the vast majority of people.  To teach young minds that their own interpretations of how they feel on their own about their fellow students of all races is fundamentally predetermined may cause psychological damage.  It may also bring about an increase in belligerent and dangerous behavior in public schools.  

The idea of putting forth a proposal that dangles money in front of the schools that are the most vulnerable and susceptible to needing to accept financial assistance in exchange for a debatable moral educational policy should not even be being discussed.  

I urge the Department of Education to stick with matters that are agreeable to the majority and not force social matters on school systems that could have unintended consequences for our future generations. 


Disclaimer: The statements posted here do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Pasquotank PAC or all Republicans in Pasquotank County.