February 15th, 2021

County Commissioners Meeting Feb 15 Summary

Candid photos from this meeting are posted on Pasquotank GOP’s Instagram.

The 4pm meeting ran about 51 minutes long.  During the meeting David Otts from DOT spoke on the number of accidents at the intersection of 158 and 17 commonly known as Morgans Corner.  Randy Midgett from DOT was also present to give advice to the commissioners on the discussion. The DOT is working with traffic engineers and the planning department to plan for the upcoming Interstate 87 changes to make the intersection a full-fledged intersection up to highway standards.  Lloyd Griffin asked about the previous Mt. Carmel Church petition to slow people down in that area. They talked about the crash data, STIP plan, and highway 158 resurfacing and widening projects to have a better traffic flow.

Shelley Cox, Planning and Inspections Director, spoke about future I-87 development concerns.  She urged the commissioners to plan a special projects meeting to plan the development of the intersection in a way that keeps options open for how the corridor is laid out.  She suggested increasing setbacks for adjacent property owners and standardizing sign and billboards allowed in the area.  She also encouraged them to have minimum lot sizes and special requirements for developments.  She also suggested that an option for the county was to create a highway corridor overlay district to protect the area.  The remainder of the 4pm Finance session was closed for attorney client privilege.


The 6pm meeting ran about 53 minutes long.  During the meeting Liz Reasoner, Executive Director, from the Food Bank of the Albemarle made a presentation to the commissioners regarding the status of the Food Bank.  Many people in this area are being served by the Food Bank currently.  The Food Bank received a 3mil grant called the McKenzie Scott award.  She talked about an appeal that was made to the Governor to have the National Guard come in and provide assistance with warehouses and distribution.  They also are providing assistance loading cars for the food pantry and helping seniors with the ICPTA transportation with groceries.  She spoke about incremental increases in unemployment in this area and people being in line for food assistance and rental and utility assistance.  She also mentioned that Big Daddy’s was letting the Food Bank use their back parking lot for their trucks.

Reports from Bill Sterritt: He went to a meeting of the Dangerous Dog committee.  Bill acknowledged his appreciation for County Attorney Mike Cox for helping him through the meeting.  He says he has a better understanding of Zoom now.  He told a story about a woman being bit on the leg by a dog who was calling for a leash law but didn’t show up to the meeting and so the matter was dismissed.  He spoke about the financial responsibility that the shelters have when they take in an animal in the form of shots and confinement and care and the animals being held before being released back to the owner.  He also attended a meeting of the SPCA and wanted to remind everyone that the letters stand for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals.  He spoke about a “No Ball Event” which he explained to be a virtual fundraiser which the SPCA held and raised 14k.  He spoke about the annual cost of upkeep at the SPCA including vet medicines around 20k a year, spay and neuter fees around 14k a year, plus the cost of shelter and rabies clinics.

Reports from Sean Lavin:  He began by echoing New Land traffic concerns.  He went to the first Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.  They had not met at all in 2020 due to Covid.  He was encouraged about the direction they were heading.  He also spoke about Workforce Development.  It was later announced by Lloyd Griffin that Sean Lavin was going to be serving through the beginning of July regionally on the Workforce Business Committee.

Jonathan Meads only assigned committee meeting, EMS, was cancelled.  He has his first meetings coming up.

Reports from Barry Overman: He went to the orientation meeting for the Tourism Development and Authority.

Reports from Cecil Perry: He said that College of the Albemarle was named one of the top colleges in North Carolina.  He attended a meeting of the Health Department and said that Albemarle was a leading region in the Covid vaccine distribution. He commented that the 46th President of the United States is now Biden, and with it being Black History month he wanted to point out that the 46th Quarter Master General was a man by the name of Hawthorne Proctor who was from Pasquotank County.

Reports from Charles Jordan: Spoke about Trillium, a mental health services company with a medical station in the community.  He wanted to find out how they work in communication with the police and sheriff departments and hospitals.  They operate mobile crisis clinics and offer virtual programs.  He said a representative from Trillium is expected to speak March 1st to the board.

Reports from Lloyd Griffin: He spoke about COA nursing students administering shots at the Covid vaccination clinics.  He said 30% of the community has been vaccinated and spoke about the teacher population being vaccinated.  He wanted to clarify the three areas the 4pm meeting DOT speakers spoke about were Morgans Corner, Simpson Ditch, and Halstead Blvd Bypass being focused on by the traffic engineers.  He attended a meeting of the Airport Authority and spoke about issues with airport traffic jams on Consolidated Road.  He suggested for people to look for a program called NC Impact where they talk about how the education system is monitoring youth programs.

To watch video excerpts from the meeting check our Pasquotank County Commissioner Meeting Videos page.