Biden's Infrastructure Spending Spree

Biden’s Infrastructure Spending Spree

Biden has proposed an “infrastructure” package that has little to do with actual infrastructure and a lot to do with funding a far Left agenda. The plan is composed of two separate bills, the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan, which together would cost $4.5 trillion. If passed, this would be one of the biggest spending sprees in American history.

These two “infrastructure” plans include:

  • $877 billion in bailouts for green energy via tax credits and electric vehicle subsidies.
  • $400 billion expansion of Medicaid
  • $200 billion for universal preschool
  • $109 billion for free community college
  • $40 billion to prop up Obamacare
  • $80 billion of welfare that disincentivizes both work and marriage

The Biden Administration either doesn’t know what infrastructure is or they are okay with knowingly lying to us. Read our new blogpost to learn more about what is in this money vacuum of an “infrastructure” package.

– Jessica and the Heritage Action team

Posted by Christina Williams, Pasquotank County Heritage Action Sentinel