Biden's Energy Policy Puts Americans Last

Biden’s Energy Policy Puts Americans Last

“The left’s ‘America Last’ energy policy”––Jessica Anderson penned an op-ed in The Hill to explain how Biden’s energy policy puts America last. From shutting down US pipelines to supporting foreign pipelines, killing American jobs and giving the federal government more power through the CLEAN Future Act, she lays out exactly how Biden is ignoring the needs of Americans. She wrote:

They are paving the way for Vladimir Putin to expand the Russian oil and gas sector, undermining our national security and driving up energy costs to every American consumer. These policies just don’t add up — the left is putting America Last.

Noah Weinrich on the Lars Larson Show––Heritage Action Communications Director, Noah Weinrich, made a guest appearance on the Lars Larson Show to explain how Joe Biden is putting America last when it comes to energy independence.


– Jessica and the Heritage Action team


Posted by Christina Williams, Pasquotank County Heritage Action Sentinel