Appointments Made For Pasquotank Board Of Elections

Appointments Made For Pasquotank Board Of Elections

Written By Christina Williams

The North Carolina State Board Of Elections met Tuesday, June 29th virtually to approve the new appointments for the next two years.

The Pasquotank Republican Party had to turn in three names for Governor Cooper to choose two members from for the new term.  The proposed members had to be registered Republicans in Pasquotank County.

They turned in Lynn Childs (current member), Larry Cooke (current member), and Bonnie Godfrey.  Bonnie was formerly a long time Board Of Elections member and was a natural choice for the third recommendation.

Cooper chose Larry Cooke and Bonnie Godfrey for the new term.

Lynn Childs, who had been on the board for a while, is now free to participate in other political endeavors.