Andrew Brown Arrest Record And Legacy

Andrew Brown Arrest Record And Legacy

Written by Christina Williams

While our Pasquotank County public officials are being scrutinized for the recent officer-involved shooting of Andrew Brown Jr the lawyers for the family of the Brown’s are demanding to see the rap sheet of the Deputy that shot Brown.  Many people have talked about the rap sheet of the victim but few seem to understand how to look the record up.  I have posted the records below.

In case anyone is wondering why Elizabeth City Councilman Darius Horton has been so vocal to support the Brown family during this time – his funeral home was paid for the services for Brown Sr.  He is also handling this service.


From Public Record


Andrew Brown was a lifetime criminal with a long history of evading arrest and felony drug charges.

Andrew Brown’s Criminal Record


Andrew Brown’s son Khalil Ferebee is currently on probation for an assault crime.  Previously he was charged with resisting arrest.  He also is on a capias in Chesapeake, Virginia with a long record near the Hampton Roads area.

Khalil Ferebee’s NC Criminal Record


Andrew Brown’s son Jarod Ferebee has a record of the same drug possession as his father.

Jarod Ferebee’s Criminal Record


Andrew Brown’s brother Antron Brown that is only one year younger has a rap sheet almost as long as his brother.

Antron Brown Criminal Record


Andrew Brown’s uncle has a history of assault, felony drug charges, and gun charges.

Pete Brown Criminal Record


Looking at the rap sheets of this family its hard to think anyone could take this family’s word over an entire county government, whether or not they have high dollar lawyers standing beside them.

Let’s not forget – we are witnessing our citizens glorify drug dealers here in Elizabeth City.

The sons are starting out with criminal activity around the same age as their father.

This is clearly a family of criminals.  I’m sure more have records, I just pulled the names off the Andrew Brown Sr obituary and looked some of them up.  I’m sure there are others in this family with similar records.

This is not to say Andrew Brown deserved to die but understand that if you make poor life choices unintended consequences or accidents can happen.  Had he not been doing any of the things in his criminal record this terrible incident wouldn’t have happened.


Disclaimer: The statements posted here do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Pasquotank GOP, Pasquotank Republican Party, or all Republicans in Pasquotank County.


Fox News did some research on the Brown family as well: